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 Algebra, Algebraic Geometry

The UBC Mathematics Department has a strong group in Algebra and Algebraic Geometry which has several faculty members, postdocs, and graduate students and runs a weekly seminar.

Faculty Research Email*
Kai Behrend Algebraic geometry: moduli problems, algebraic stacks. Foundational questions in Donaldson-Thomas theory. Derived geometry and derived symplectic geometry.

Jim Bryan Algebraic geometry related to high energy physics: moduli spaces, computational Donaldson-Thomas and Gromov-Witten theory, K3 surfaces, Calabi-Yau threefolds, enumerative geometry.

Sabin Cautis Geometric representation theory and algebraic geometry related to questions in categorification, mathematical physics and low dimensional topology, such as the study of knot homologies.

Kalle Karu Combinatorial algebraic geometry: varieties with torus action, intersection cohomology, algebraic cobordism theory, combinatorics of polytopes and polyhedral complexes.

Dale Peterson Lie theory

Zinovy Reichstein Algebraic groups and related topics: invariant theory, Galois cohomology, central simple algebras, Lie theory, representation theory.

Postdocs Research Email*
Uriya First Algebraic groups, quadratic and hermitian forms, central simple algebras and their involutions, Bruhat-Tits theory, representation theory of groups acting on buildings.

Balin Fleming Jet schemes, arc schemes, toric varieties.

Clemens Koppensteiner Algebraic geometry inspired by geometric representation theory: singular support of coherent sheaves and D-modules in Geometric Langlands, Hochschild cohomology of categories of sheaves, perverse coherent sheaves.

Nicolo Sibilla Algebraic and symplectic geometry, with special emphasis on mirror symmetry. Log geometry, derived geometry and higher category theory.

Mattia Talpo Algebraic geometry, mostly moduli theory: moduli problems and algebraic stacks, logarithmic geometry and its applications, parabolic sheaves on logarithmic schemes and their moduli spaces.

Emeriti Research Email*
James Carrell Algebraic groups and algebraic geometry.

William Casselman Algebraic geometry, modular function theory, infinite dimensional representations of Lie groups.


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