Probability People
  Participating Faculty 
Name E-mail Research Interests

Omer Angel

angel Random graphs, walks and other combinatorial structures, dynamical systems, percolation.

Martin Barlow

barlow Diffusions on fractals, random walks on graphs, heat kernel estimates, cluster growth models, general theory of processes, local time, sde's, stochastic partial differential equations, measure-valued diffusions.

Edwin Perkins

perkins Measure-valued diffusions, stochastic differential equations, general theory of processes, stochastic pde's, nonstandard analysis, interacting particle systems, cluster growth models, applications to population models.

Gordon Slade

slade Random walk, self-avoiding walk, lattice trees, percolation, lace expansion, critical phenomena in statistical mechanics, super-Brownian motion, renormalisation group.
Name E-mail Research Interests

David Brydges

db5d Statistical mechanics, renormalisation group, self-avoiding walk, branched polymers.

Priscilla (Cindy) Greenwood

pgreenw Stochastic dynamics, stochastic models in biology: epidemiology, population dynamics, neuron models; inference for stochastic processes.

John Walsh

walsh Stochastic pde's, numerical methods in stochastic pde's, multiparameter processes, Brownian sheet, Markov processes and potential theory, general theory of processes.
  Long-Term Visitors 
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Alexander Holroyd

holroyd Discrete spatial models, including cellular automata, percolation, matching, coupling.
  Postdoctoral Fellows 
Name E-mail Research Interests

Richárd Balka

balka Brownian motion and random walks, fractal geometry, random fractals.

Mathav Murugan

mathav Random walks on metric spaces, heat kernel estimates, potential theory, functional inequalities, coarse geometry, sandpile models.
  Graduate Students 
Name E-mail Research Interests

Mallory Flynn

mflynn Probability theory and analysis.

Alma Saraí Hernández-Torres

saraiht Probability theory and analysis.

Jieliang Hong

jlhong Probability theory and stochastic process.

Thomas Hughes

hughes Probability theory and analysis, superprocesses.

Tom Hutchcroft

thutch Random graphs, maps and complexes, random walk, spanning forests, percolation, 2d quantum gravity, probability on groups.

Brett Kolesnik

bkolesnik Analysis, combinatorics, mathematical logic, probability.

Guillermo Martínez Dibene

dibene Probability theory, general analysis and topology, and stochastic analysis.

Saifuddin Syed

ssyed Stochastic analysis, stochastic pde's, measure valued diffusions.

Benjamin Wallace

bwallace Probability theory and stochastic processes.

Zichun Ye

yezichun Renormalisation group, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, application of probability theory in computer science and statistics.

Qingsan Zhu

qszhu Random walks, probability on graphs, percolation.