Name Email Research Interest
Omer Angel angel Random graphs, walks and other combinatorial structures, dynamical systems, percolation.
Jonathan Hermon jhermon Mixing-time, cutoff phenomenon, random walks, random graphs, interacting particle systems, percolation.
Mathav Murugan mathav Random walks on metric spaces, heat kernel estimates, potential theory, functional inequalities, coarse geometry, sandpile models.
Gordon Slade slade Random walk, self-avoiding walk, lattice trees, percolation, lace expansion, critical phenomena in statistical mechanics, super-Brownian motion, renormalisation group.

Long-Term Visitors

Name Email Research Interest Dates
Ismaël Bailluel ismael.bailleul AT Singular stochastic PDEs, paracontrolled calculus and regularity structures. Rough paths, path space analysis. Hypoelliptic diffusions in finite and infinite dimensions. Jan 2021 to Jan 2022
Mark Holmes Holmes.m AT Random media, random walks, reinforcement processes. from January 2020

Postdoctoral Fellows

Name Email Research Interest
Jacob Richey jfrichey Interacting particle systems, combinatorial probability, phase transitions, random walks, random graphs, random matrices, coverage processes, statistics.
Delphin Sénizergues senizergues Random trees, random graphs and their scaling limits.
Yinon Spinka yinon Discrete probability, statistical mechanics, finitary codings.

Graduate Students

Name Email Research Interest
Julien Gagnon jmrg6442 Random walks, uniform spanning trees, percolation, discrete probability in general.
Vincent Guan vguan23 Stochastic processes.
Jieliang Hong jlhong Probability theory and stochastic process.
Benjamin Langer blanger Markov mixing times, random fractals, stochastic analysis.
Jens Malmquist jens Probability, stochastic processes, random combinatorial objects, and fractal spaces.
Emmanuel Michta michta Self-avoiding walks, percolation, phase transitions. Models from statistical physics and their scaling limits.
Serdar Turkmenafsar srdtrk Dynamical systems, analysis, random games and other structures of discrete probability.


Name Email Research Interest
Martin Barlow barlow Diffusions on fractals, random walks on graphs, heat kernel estimates, cluster growth models, general theory of processes, local time, sde's, stochastic partial differential equations, measure-valued diffusions.
David Brydges db5d Statistical mechanics, renormalisation group, self-avoiding walk, branched polymers.
Priscilla (Cindy) Greenwood pgreenw Stochastic dynamics, stochastic models in biology: epidemiology, population dynamics, neuron models; inference for stochastic processes.
Edwin Perkins perkins Measure-valued diffusions, superprocesses and branching models, stochastic differential equations, stochastic pde's, nonstandard analysis, interacting particle systems, cluster growth models, applications to population models.
John Walsh walsh Stochastic pde's, numerical methods in stochastic pde's, multiparameter processes, Brownian sheet, Markov processes and potential theory, general theory of processes.