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 Department Directory

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Name Office Phone Email Photo
Assoc. Head, Faculty Affairs: Leah Keshet MATX 1111 604-822-5889 pic
Assoc. Head, Research: S. van Willigenburg MATH 208 604-822-2630 pic
Computer Support (Department) MATH 222B 604-822-6621 pic
Computer Support (Undergraduate) pic
Department Head: Philip Loewen MATH 121 604-822-2771 pic
Department Manager/Administrator MATH 122A 604-822-2860 pic
Dept. Committee on Appointments pic
Executive/PDF Coordinator MATH 121 604-822-6985 pic
Finance MATH 121 604-822-6302 pic
General Inquiries MATH 121 604-822-2666 pic
Graduate Chair: Michael Ward MATX1217 604-822-5869 pic
Graduate Program Coordinator MATH 121 604-822-3079 pic
HR/Facilities Manager MATH 122D 604-827-2528 pic
Manuscript/Resource Secretary MATH 121 604-822-2666 pic
Protocol Officer MATH222B 604-822-6621 pic
Science Education Specialist MATH 229A 604-827-3035 pic
Student Engagement Coordinator MATH 121 604-822-2128 pic
Undergraduate Chair/Advising pic
Undergraduate Coordinator MATH121 604-827-6561 pic
Videoconference Support LSK 202A 604-822-3068 pic
Webmaster LSK 202A 604-822-3068 pic