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UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [WinXP SP2 Problems]

UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [WinXP SP2 Problems]

Question #1: I updated WindowsXP with SP2, but some of my programs don't work now. What do I do now?
Question #2: After I updated WindowsXP with SP2, my UBC Wireless logout window disappeared. How do I logout now?
Author: Thê´ Hà, Joseph Tam
Date: Aug. 31, 2004

Most of the problems with application programs not working after the installation of Windows XP Service Pack 2 (WinXP SP2) are caused by either the new firewall setup that deny connections unless it is a reply from an outbound connection, or by the new popup windows blocking in the new Internet Explorer (IE).

Previous to WinXP SP2, a program running on the host could initiate a network service by passively opening a port, and expect a connection to be initiated from outside. However, with the new WindowsXP firewall with the default settings, this can no longer happen.

An example of how this affects a WindowsXP user is, as mentioned previously, blocking of popup windows. However, some useful applications are affected as well, such as the UBC Wireless facility, which uses a popup windows to present the connection status and logout button. You can work around this by going directly to this URL

You can also configure IE to allow popups from particular sites by going to the IE menu

Tools -> Popup blocker -> Popup blocker settings
and adding the sites you want to allow popup windows from.

Microsoft has put out a list of common applications that are broken by SP2, as well how to configure the firewall to cope with it: