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UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Mathematica]

UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Mathematica]

Question: Do you have a site license for Mathematica?
Author: Joseph Tam
Date: Oct. 4, 2013

IMPORTANT: Mathematica License Latest Update

UBC ITservices has taken over Mathematica Site-License. Please check the UBC IT Software web site:

UBC IT Software License Programs
Email contact: site-license(at)

Perpetual vs. Site License

Mathematica comes in two flavours: a perpetual license version that can be purchased from the UBC Bookstore, and the site license version that can be obtained from IT services.

The perpetual license version is not subscription based, so the user does not have to pay an annual fee. The Bookstore may require the purchaser to supply a student number to be eligible for a discount.

The site license version can be purchased by any faculty, researcher or student at the University of British Columbia. However, students may find it more economical to buy the perpetual shrink-wrapped version from the UBC Bookstore.

The site license version UBCIT distribute is subscription based, and includes the Premier Service which allows the purchaser to receive product upgrades and technical support. A license holder can can install one copy on their University computer, and another on their home computer.

A Premier Service member is also eligible for a free copy of the webMathematica (Amateur) which allows a user to integrate Methematica demonstrations into web pages. You can request it here:


The annual subscription fees is $CDN200, payable to the UBC IT Services. A journal voucher (JV) can be made out to:

	Attn: Site License
	UBC IT Services
	Room 440, Leonard S. Klinck Building
	6356 Agricultural Road
	Vancouver BC V6T 1Z2

	Phone: 604 822 4441

Obtaining Software and License

Fill out the form on this site to request a home use license. The applicant can choose either to receive the product via a web download URL or have a CD shipped out to them.

Once the user receives the media and installs Mathematica, an ID will be generated. The user should then register their product using the license number and ID at
An activation key will be generated that the user can use to activate their copy of Mathematica.