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UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Forwarding Email]

UBC Mathematics: MathNet FAQ [Forwarding Email]

Question: How do I forward Email to another Email address?
Author: Joseph Tam
Date: Sept. 9, 2008

There are several ways to do this:

  1. Use the MathNet User Services web page:
    1. Go to the MathNet User Services web page:
    2. Log in using your username and password. If it does not recogize you, ask the UBC Mathematics Office Receptionist to check (and possibly add) your web profile.
    3. Select the "Forward your Email to other Email address(es):" button.

    4. Enter up to 2 forwarding Email addreses. Also select or unselect the option of keeping a copy in your local INBOX (default=on).

    5. Enter your password again at the bottom input field and press the "Do It!" button.

    6. Log out.

    7. If possible, test your forwarding by mailing yourself something and seeing if a copy ends up at your forwarded mailbox.

    8. To deactivate, login in as above, and use the "Remove any vacation/forwarding currently set." button.

  2. Set your forwarding manually using the Unix command line:
    1. Log on using your account to any public MathNet Unix workstation.

    2. Run one of the following command:

      # If you want only forwarding, and don't want a local copy of the message ...
      echo 'your_other@email.address' >~/.forward
      # If you want forwarding, and also keep a local copy of the message ...
      echo '\user_name,your_other@email.address' >~/.forward

      Replace user_name with your MathNet username, and your_other@email.address with the Email address you want to forward mail to. Note: the '\' character is important: it disables any aliasing and prevent Email loops.

    3. To deactivate, remove the above file:

      rm ~/.forward
  3. The IT staff can set it for you:

    If you don't have a working MathNet account (for example, if your account no longer exists) but still want mail to be forwarded to your new Email address, it can be arranged by the IT staff. Email forwarding will be provided for a limited period of time.