UBC Probability seminar

Location: ESB 2012
Time: Wednesdays, 3–4pm

Upcoming Talks

Past Talks

Sep. 7 Todd Kemp (UCSD)
Bulk Fluctuations and the Hard Edge of Unitary Brownian Motion
Sep. 14 Evan Randles (UCLA)
Convolution powers of complex-valued functions on \(\mathbb{Z}^d\)
Sep. 21 Ryokichi Tanaka (University of Washington and Tohoku univeristy)
Dimension of harmonic measures in hyperbolic spaces
Sep. 28 Edward Waymire (Oregon State University)
Some probability theory that arises from worrying about Navier-Stokes and other quasilinear equations
Oct. 5 Abbas Mehrabian (UBC Computer Science and PIMS)
On longest paths and diameter in random Apollonian networks
Oct. 12 Omer Angel (UBC Math)
Voronoi cells in random graphs
Oct. 19 James R Lee (University of Washington)
Extremal conformal metrics, spectral geometry, and distributional limits of graphs
Oct. 26 Zichun Ye (UBC Math)
Models of Gradient Type with Sub-Quadratic Action
Nov. 2 Tianyi Zheng (UCSD)
Joint behavior of volume growth and entropy of random walks on groups
Nov. 9 Antal Járai (University of Bath)
Phase transition in a sequential assignment problem on graphs
Nov. 16 Xin Sun (MIT)
Liouville quantum gravity and peanosphere
Nov. 23 Qingsan Zhu (UBC Math)
On the critical branching random walk in supercritical and critical dimensions
Nov. 30 Tom Hutchcroft (UBC Math)
Update Tolerance in Uniform Spanning Forests

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