UBC Probability Seminar 2013-2014

The probability seminar is held Wednesdays from 3 to 4 PM in ESB 2012 (unless otherwise specified). Seminars by visiting speakers will be followed by dinner at a restaurant, almost surely.

Organizer: Daniel Valesin

Upcoming Talks

April 2
3pm, ESB 2012
Stefan Adams (University of Warwick)
Gibbs formalism for random permutations

Past Talks

September 5
3:30pm, Math 126
Yuval Peres (Microsoft Research)
Random walks on groups and the Kaimanovich-Vershik 1983 conjecture for lamplighter groups
September 11
3pm, ESB 2012
Omer Angel (UBC)
Shuffling, hitting times and evolving sets
September 18
3pm, ESB 2012
Christian Sadel (UBC)
Limit stochastic differential equations (SDEs) for products of random matrices
September 25
3pm, ESB 2012
Naomi Feldheim (Tel Aviv University)
New results on zeroes of stationary Gaussian functions
September 25
4pm, ESB 2012
Ohad Feldheim (Tel Aviv University)
Rigidity of 3-colorings of the d-dimensional discrete torus
October 2
3pm, ESB 2012
David Brydges (UBC)
Self-avoiding walk in four dimensions (I)
October 16
3pm, ESB 2012
David Brydges (UBC)
Self-Interacting Walk and the Gaussian field (II)
October 23
3pm, ESB 2012
Ed Perkins (UBC)
A Phase Transition for Measure-valued SIR Epidemics
October 30
3pm, ESB 2012
Tim Hulshof (UBC)
Random walk on the high-dimensional long-range IIC
November 6
3pm, ESB 2012
David Brydges (UBC)
Self-avoiding walk in four dimensions (III)
November 13
3pm, ESB 2012
Stefan Adams (University of Warwick)
Random field of gradients and elasticity
November 20
3pm, ESB 2012
Stefan Adams (University of Warwick)
Helffer-Sjoestrand random walk representation
November 27
3pm, ESB 2012
Asaf Nachmias (UBC)
Random walks on planar graphs via circle packings
January 9
3:30pm, Math 203
Zhongyang Li (Cambridge)
Conformal invariance of isoradial dimers
January 14
3:30pm, ESB 2012
Mykhaylo Shkolnikov (Berkeley)
Large deviations for diffusions interacting through their ranks
January 21
3:30pm, CEME 1204
Alan Hammond (Oxford)
KPZ Line Ensemble: a marriage of integrability and probability
January 23
3:30pm, Math 203
Leonid Petrov (Northeastern University)
Markov dynamics on interlacing arrays
February 5
4pm, ESB 2012
Louis Fan (University of Washington)
Systems of reflected diffusions with annihilations through membranes
February 12
3pm, ESB 2012
Alexander Tomberg (UBC)
Logarithmic corrections to scaling for the 4 dimensional weakly self-avoiding walk: watermelon networks
February 26
3pm, ESB 2012
Alain-Sol Sznitman (ETH Zurich)
Large deviations and disconnection for random interlacements
March 5
3pm, ESB 2012
Gourab Ray (UBC)
Hyperbolic random maps and unicellular maps
March 12
3pm, ESB 2012
Stefan Adams (University of Warwick)
Large deviations and gradient flow
March 19
3pm, ESB 2012
Gordon Slade (UBC)
Scaling limits and critical behaviour of the 4-dimensional n-component phi^4 spin model
March 26
3pm, ESB 2012
Omer Angel (UBC)
Branching interlacement

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