UBC Probability seminar

Location: ESB 2012
Time: Wednesdays, 3–4pm

Upcoming Talks

Oct. 7 Richárd Balka (University of Britsh Columbia and PIMS)
Restrictions of Brownian motion
Oct. 14 Anna Ben-Hamou (Université Paris Diderot)
Cutoff for non-backtracking random walks on sparse random graphs
Oct. 21 Kilian Raschel (Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences and Université de Tours)
A human proof of Gessel's lattice path conjecture
Oct. 28 Lionel Levine (Cornell University)
Nov. 4 Avi Levy (Univeristy of Washington)
Nov. 11 Remembrance day

Past Talks

Sep. 16 Nathanaël Berestycki (University of Cambridge)
Critical exponents for FK random planar maps
Sep. 23 Steffen Rohde (Univeristy of Washington)
Random dessins d'enfants
Sep. 30 Konstantin Tikhomirov (University of Alberta)
The smallest singular value of random matrices with independent entries

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Organizer: Fall 2015: Mathav Murugan

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