UBC Probability seminar

Location: ESB 2012
Time: Wednesdays, 3–4pm

Upcoming Talks

Sep. 28 Edward Waymire (Oregon State University)
Some probability theory that arises from worrying about Navier-Stokes and other quasilinear equations
Oct. 5 Abbas Mehrabian (UBC Computer Science and PIMS)
On longest paths and diameter in random Apollonian networks
Oct. 12 Omer Angel (UBC Math)
Oct. 19 James R Lee (University of Washington)
Extremal conformal metrics, spectral geometry, and distributional limits of graphs
Oct. 26 Gourab Ray (University of Cambridge)
Nov. 2 Tianyi Zheng (UCSD)
Nov. 9 Antal Járai (University of Bath)
Nov. 16 Xin Sun (MIT)
Nov. 23 Qingsan Zhu (UBC Math)
Nov. 30 Tom Hutchcroft (UBC Math)

Past Talks

Sep. 7 Todd Kemp (UCSD)
Bulk Fluctuations and the Hard Edge of Unitary Brownian Motion
Sep. 14 Evan Randles (UCLA)
Convolution powers of complex-valued functions on \(\mathbb{Z}^d\)
Sep. 21 Ryokichi Tanaka (University of Washington and Tohoku univeristy)
Dimension of harmonic measures in hyperbolic spaces

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