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 Graduate Courses

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Note: (W) links to a course web pages, (O) links to the course outline in PDF format, and (L) indicates computer laboratory use is associated with this course.

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Course Links Title Instructor

Section 1xx [Term 1]
501:101 W   Algebra I Collins, Daniel
503:101 W   Discrete Mathematics Solymosi, Jozsef
507:101 W   Measure Theory and Integration Pramanik, Malabika
508:101 W   Complex Analysis Pramanik, Malabika
516:101 W   Partial Differential Equations I Wei, Jun-Cheng
525:101   Differential Geometry I Fraser, Ailana
532:101 W   Algebraic Geometry I Bryan, Jim
537:101 W   Elementary Number Theory Martin, Greg
544:101 W   Probability I Perkins, Ed
548:101 W   Discrete Random Processes Angel, Omer
550:101 W   Asymptotic Analysis Balmforth, Neil
552:101 W   Introduction to Dynamical Systems Nagata, Wayne
555:101 W   Compressed Sensing Plan, Yaniv
563:101 W   Physical Modeling of Cell-Scale Biology Coombs, Dan
564:101 W   Evolutionary Dynamics and Game Theory Hauert, Christoph
592A:101 W   Graduate Seminar in Automorphic Forms Gordon, Julia
599:101   Mathematics Teaching Techniques Piccolo, Costanza
600:101 W   Topics in Algebra Reichstein, Zinovy
607E:101 W   Topics in Numerical Analysis Macdonald, Colin
615A:101 W   Topics in Algebraic Geometry Bryan, Jim

Section 2xx [Term 2]
502:201   Algebra II Gordon, Julia
510:201 W   Functional Analysis Laba, Izabella
521:201 W   Finite Element Methods Treskatis, Timm
526:201   Differential Geometry II Chen, Jingyi
527:201 W   Algebraic Topology I Antolin Camarena, Omar
533:201 W   Algebraic Geometry II Behrend, Kai
538:201 W   Algebraic Number Theory Silberman, Lior
545:201 W   Probability II Perkins, Ed
553:201 W   Advanced Dynamical Systems Nagata, Wayne
566:201 W   Theory of Optimal Transportation Kim, Young-Heon
567:201 W   Theory of Nonlinear Waves Gustafson, Stephen
602D:201   Topics in Geometry Chau, Albert
603D:201 W   Topics in Topology Williams, Ben
604D:201   Topics in Optimization Friedlander, Michael