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Yale University.
Mon 14 Apr 2014, 4:00pm SPECIAL
Department Colloquium
MATX 1100
Right-angled Artin groups, braid groups, diffeomorphism groups, and hyperbolic manifolds
MATX 1100
Mon 14 Apr 2014, 4:00pm-5:00pm


I will discuss some recent developments in hyperbolic geometry and geometric group theory, namely Agol's proof of the virtual Haken conjecture and Wise's theory of special groups, together with their relationship with right-angled Artin groups and mapping class groups. I will then discuss a new result which shows that every hyperbolic 3-manifold admits a finite cover whose fundamental group embeds into a braid group, and into the group of diffeomorphisms of the circle. Finally, I will exhibit some higher dimensional closed hyperbolic manifold subgroups of braid groups and of the diffeomorphism group of the circle. The research in this talk represents work joint with Hyungryul Baik and Sang-hyun Kim.