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Mathematics Graduate Students, Post Docs, Faculty
Mon 7 Jul 2014, 8:30am SPECIAL
One Time Event
UBC (July 7-12, 2014)
West Coast Algebraic Topology Summer School
UBC (July 7-12, 2014)
Mon 7 Jul 2014, 8:30am-5:00pm


This summer school is aimed at graduate students and post-docs, though all are welcome. The scientific goal is for participants to learn about the different aspects of the study of topological field theories, reaching the research frontier as much as possible. These different aspects include:
(1) the origins of topological quantum field theory in physics;
(2) the mathematical formulation and relation to bordism theory;
(3) extended theories and the cobordism hypothesis;
(4) examples and applications, such as string topology, factorization homology, and examples from representation theory.

Please visit for further details and the registration process.