3:30 p.m., Friday

Math 100

Professor Christian Klingenberg

Applied Mathematics

Wuerzburg University

Mathematical modelling and numerical simulation in star formation

We consider astrophysical jet flow associated with star formation. This is modelled by a system of conservation laws. The non-linear nature of these differential equations requires numerical discretisation in so-called conservation form. For our astrophysical problem this puts us into a quandary: internal variables like pressure and temperature can no longer be computed accurately.

We propose the following way out: Embed the astrophysical jet model into a more complete model. There it is readily possible to compute the internal variables. Then we project these variables back to the original model. We can prove that the translation of this into a numerical procedure leads to reliable solutions.

This talk will be illustrated with the help of pictures showing actual astronomical observations and numerical simulations.

Refreshments will be served in Math Annex Room 1115, 3:15 p.m.

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