UBC Mathematics Department

Colloquium Abstract: Professor Bill Casselman, Department of Mathematics, UBC

Our Sun Site

I'm not sure what we're getting into, but for better or worse the UBC Mathematics Department will become the location of one of about 50 world wide Sun SITES in a few weeks. At the least, this means an unspecified degree of equipment given to us by Sun Microsystems and membership in a rather unusual group of other Sun SITES, some of which are extremely interesting. You can get some idea of this project by starting with www.sun.com/worldwide/.

Our specific task will be to maintain and develop tools for mathematicians to use to improve computer use in both research and teaching. At the very least, this will give us more presence on the Internet, but in the long run if things work out it could lead to a better professional environment. But that will happen only if the SITE is supported by the Department as a whole. In this talk I will give a tour of the few things we have already available, and also an idea of what we hope to have there eventually.

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