4:00--5:30 p.m., Monday (October 15)

MATH 105

Jean-Pierre Rosay
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Holomorphic bundles on the unit disc

Abstract: This will be a truly elementary lecture. No familiarity with bundles is assumed. I shall explain a recent but extremely easy technique for extending holomorphic bundles with fiber C^n defined on some open set of the unit disc to bundles defined on the unit disc itself, or better on the Riemann sphere. Using an old, completely transparent, example of Skoda (that I plan to sketch), one gets a completely transparent example of non trivial (non Stein) bundle on the unit disc (years ago, following Skoda, Demailly gave a rather technical example, and we also get new examples, with polynomial automorphisms). Skoda's example was answering a question of Serre on Stein bundles.

Refreshments will be served at 3:45 p.m. (Math Lounge, MATX 1115).

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